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The MCLE  Team

Oscar Mondragόn, Center Director

Oscar Mondragόn joined the Labor Exchange in January of 1993 after over 10 years working with Cesar Chavez and the United Farm Workers. As a former UFW Board member, he brings dedication and the desire to help others to his role as site Director. His bilingualism and ease with which he interfaces with workers of all backgrounds and hirers from the Malibu community contribute greatly to the success of the current operation.

Board of Directors



Oscar Mondragon

Center Director

Maria Arguelles-Castilla

Community Relations Coordinator

Kay Gabbard



Cindy Colburn



Diane Malecha


Stephanie Cupp





Al Sturgeon 

Chair, Public Relations and Development


Sarah Fischbach

Jake Kinney

Maxx Bricklin

Sky Stipanowich

Cynthia Colburn

Aidan Colburn

MHS Student Rep


Stephanie Cupp

Co-chair, Governance

Christopher Collins

Co-chair, Governance


Bryan Gabbard


Maria Arguelles-Castilla

Chair, Operations

Kay Gabbard

Brad Cupp


Oscar Mondragon

Diane Malecha

Mafe Saito

Pepperdine Student Representative

Sandra Harrison

Alice Meyering

Advisory Board

Cindy Miller-Perrin

Ava Randel

Marcella Gonzalez

Robin Perrin


Local organizations that have worked with the Labor Exchange in planning special dinners, fundraisers, and events include:

  • Malibu United Methodist Church

  • St. Aidan’s Episcopal Church

  • Our Lady of Malibu Parish & School

  • University Church of Christ

  • The Malibu Foundation

  • The Malibu Rotary Club

  • Pepperdine University Office of the Dean

  • Pepperdine School of Law

  • Sustain, Inc.

  • Seaver College

  • Webster Elementary School

  • Keep Christ in Christmas project

For information on how to plan a fundraiser for MCLE, please visit our Donate page.

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