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Frequently Asked Questions

What service does the MCLE provide to the public?

The MCLE is a day labor hiring site where men and women workers come to find work, and hirers come to find workers. Workers are independent and are not employed by the MCLE.


Does the MCLE charge for its services?

No. There is no charge to hirers or workers to use the convenience of the MCLE. As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, we depend upon your generous tax deductible donations to keep our doors open. Interested in making a donation?


How can I hire someone through the MCLE?

Please refer to our Hire Someone page.


Do you have women workers as well as men?

Yes, the MCLE has both men and women workers who can do day labor and domestic work.


Can I choose a specific worker?

Yes! Please see our Hire Someone page for details.


Is the MCLE a employment agency?

No, the MCLE is not an employment agency. We are a safe, neutral and convenient meeting site for hirers and workers. Please see our dislaimer at the bottom of this page.


Is translation assistance available?

Yes. Our director is bilingual and can help you communicate with a worker.


Are there any other details I should know before I hire?

The Malibu Community Labor Exchange charges no fees to workers or hirers for use of this venue. It is not an employment agency and cannot vouch for the abilities of the workers. Hirers and workers arrange all work details among themselves regarding: type of work, work hours, pay, travel, availability of tools, materials and safety precautions associated with the work. We encourage hirers to maintain a safe work environment and to pay workers in a timely fashion.


Under federal law, if an employer hires someone for casual domestic work in a private home on a sporadic, irregular or intermittent basis; or if the worker is an independent contractor under federal law, the employer is not required to fill out an I-9 form, the INS form that requests information about worker’s permission to work in the United States.


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