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MCLE is a convenient site where the Malibu Community can hire day labor.

The Malibu Community Labor Exchange is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization whose primary function is to provide a safe and convenient place for people to wait for day jobs. This facilitates a connection with prospective hirers. The benefit to the community is in having a central location where people can find workers; and the benefit to the workers is in having a safe and supportive organization that helps facilitate the work process. The MCLE is neither an employment agency nor an employer. All workers are independent.


MCLE is more than an exchange. It is a pathway to a better future.

When you hire a worker from the MCLE, it helps that worker build a resume of experience to use toward obtaining a permanent position. We help our workers identify their skills and develop their resumes. This allows them to self-proclaim areas of experience so hirers can make informed choices to handle their job needs. MCLE is not a destination, but a stepping stone toward improving the lives of our workers and their families. 

ESL (English as a Second Language) Classes: We offer ESL classes to our workers free of charge. These classes help the workers with listening, speaking, reading and writing skills that focus on work related topics and situations. This helps them better communicate with the people who hire them. 

Community Disaster Preparedness: In conjunction with the City of Malibu and the Malibu Foundation, workers are trained in basic emergency and disaster preparedness skills.


MCLE is a FREE service.

There is no charge to hirers or workers to use this convenient center. While the Malibu Community Labor Exchange is not an employment agency, our director or office assistants can facilitate the hiring process. MCLE does not guarantee the skills, quality of work, or outcome from the efforts of the workers.


MCLE is a community nonprofit, [501(c)3], organization supported by and for Malibu.

The Officers and Board members of the MCLE are community volunteers. Day to day operations at the center are managed by site Director, Oscar Mondragόn, a former Board Member of the United Farm Workers. He worked for many years with Cesar Chavez on issues of social justice for immigrant farm workers before coming to the Labor Exchange in 1993. Our daily operations are supported by the time and efforts of dedicated volunteers. MCLE is funded by the City of Malibu; various State, County, and private donations and grants; and the generosity of our community donors. Learn more about donating money, time or goods to the MCLE.


7:00 a.m. to 1 p.m. Monday through Saturday.
Although the center is closed on Sunday, arrangements can be made ahead for Sunday work.


The Labor Exchange (trailer) office is located at 23595 Civic Center Way
(Northwest end of the Santa Monica College extension campus and
 Malibu Public Library parking lot)

Our Mission

The Malibu Community Labor Exchange is a community created not for profit organization that provides an organized and supportive place for the people of Malibu to hire and be hired, creating opportunities for the unemployed to build independence and self-sufficiency through work.


As part of our ongoing dedication to improve the services we provide to our workers and our community, we try to offer more than just a safe place to wait for work. We provide English classes, health and legal service presentations, and volunteer opportunities for local students and community members. We manage donations of clothes, electronics and other items from the community, and provide them free of charge to our workers. We celebrate major holidays by sponsoring meals at local churches or schools. And each year, to keep our little trailer open for service, we invite the Malibu Community to attend our fund raising event in the form of a unique, film screening presentation and panel discussion. We hope you will join us!


Still have questions? More information about the MCLE can be found on our FAQs page

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