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Are you looking for work in the Malibu area? Please complete the form below to learn more about the Malibu Community Labor Exchange and someone from our staff will be in touch. Please note that submitting this form does not guarantee you will receive work. The best thing to do is show up at MCLE in person.


Disclaimer: The Malibu Community Labor Exchange is not an employment agency.


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¿Está usted buscando trabajo en el área de Malibu? Por favor complete la forma anexa para obtener más información acerca del Malibu Community Labor Exchange y alguien de la organización se comunicará con usted. Presentación de esta forma no garantariza trabajo. Para obtener trabajo debe presentarse al MCLE en persona.


Declaración: El Malibu Community Labor Exchange no es agencia de empleo.




Malibu Community Labor Exchange

23595 Civic Center Way

Malibu, CA 90265


(310) 317-4717



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The Labor Exchange does not guarantee the implied or stated skills of any worker. As the hiring authority, you have the right and responsibility to verify whether or not the worker’s skill, ability, and performance level is suitable before hiring and/or during his or her contracted work. The Labor Exchange is not an employer or employment agency. Any liability incurred as a result of contracted services is to be resolved between the hirer and worker, and the Labor Exchange expressly disclaims any liability of any kind. It is the sole responsibility of the hirer and worker to manage the work process and to ensure that needs are successfully fulfilled.