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Connecting Malibu through work.

Open from 7:00 AM to 1:00 PM

Monday through Saturday

To schedule workers contact us here.

The Malibu Community Labor Exchange is a

nonprofit truly fueled by the community.


Our volunteers provide a supportive and encouraging environment

for the people of Malibu to hire and be hired. 

We help create opportunities for the unemployed to build independence

and self-sufficiency through work.


The Malibu Community Labor Exchange is not an employment agency.

Celebrating 30 Years
Community Involvement

Click above to view a video on what it's like to live

a day in the life of a labor exchange worker.

Thank you to the Pepperdine University Communication Division for sharing this film and to workers Aristarco Aquino Vargas and Jose Paz and MCLE Director Oscar Mondragon.


is the year the MCLE was established.

Find out more on our history page >>


skills, donate goods, and learn more about how you can help on our donate page >>

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