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I'm New Here

We’re glad you’re here and we invite you to take a look at the following notes to get an idea of how to use our services.  Then we invite you to visit the other parts of our website, such as “I Want to Hire Someone” for more important details and other ways to contact us.


Here’s a little description of how we work:

  • It is best to start by visiting the MCLE Office at 23595 Civic Center Way, next to the Santa Monica College extension campus, where our knowledgeable staff can help you:

    • suggest for your consideration appropriate skill levels for your project based upon your familiarity with the project at hand,

    • determine appropriate personnel you can choose from,

    • facilitate the hiring process to reach a clear understanding among all parties before work begins.

  • As part of the process, we encourage hirers to respond to and return our Worker Evaluation survey to help us continually improve the services we provide to the Community of Malibu.


The individuals at the facility who seek work are most easily hired when using the assistance of our office staff, so please make that a priority.

  • If you cannot visit our office, you may:

  • One of our staff members will respond as soon as possible.


Thanks for your initial visit. We hope you enjoy exploring our website and we look forward to serving your hiring needs.


Note: MCLE is not an employment agency and does not guarantee the skills or performance of the workers. To clarify the relationship between and among all parties, there are explanations and disclaimers available for you to read on this website.



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